Discover the new collection from Joseph Ribkoff


” For the past twelve months we have felt a seismic shift in fashion. Suddenly taken away from us were parties, weddings, special occasions and dining out. Instead, we had Zoom calls, take-out and work-from-home. But imagine for a moment the joy of dressing up again!

Envision hitting the refresh button on the fashion front. For me, creativity and fashion spark so much joy. That is what I want communicated through this new collection.

This season at Joseph Ribkoff, we have been inspired to design a creative new collection that offers chic comfort, versatility, and style for the transition to a postpandemic world.

We have sought out new fabrics and knits that allow you to cocoon while still making a statement. Luxe jerseys and new simple silhouettes, wide-leg pants and showstopping coats.

Statement denim that proves that wardrobing basics don’t have to be boring.

I hope you love the new styles this season. Get inspired.”


Catriona Belsham

Vice President of Design